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"I had been practicing yoga for a few years prior to taking a class with Andrew. I always thought I knew the true meaning and beauty behind yoga, however it was only after taking class with Andrew did I truly understand what yoga was about. Andrew is truly an amazing teacher, who radiates kindness and brings out the best in you both on the mat and off of it. I feel truly lucky to have found Andrew and even now living across the country I still bring what he has taught me to every yoga class I attend. I would encourage anyone, practicing yogis and beginners, to attend one of Andrew's classes and I promise you will not regret one minute of it." - Mallory W.

"Andrew has an energy that is infectious. He is an alignment & anatomy geek, but always encourages his students to make each class their own practice." - Pam K.

"In a single class, Andrew can make you fall in love with yoga. Andrew is the perfect combination of humor, enthusiasm, meditation, instruction, and performance. He is encouraging to students of all levels. If you take yoga with Andrew, you will amaze yourself in no time. He transforms his students into yogis quicker than they realize. He is the best teacher out there!" - Helen S.

"Andrew turned my world upside down! He was the catalyst and encouraging force behind my learning handstand. Handstand taught me to breathe through my fear and totally changed how I live my life. Thank you Andrew for the motivation and inspiration. " - Tracy U.

"When I first met Andrew, he was subbing for a teacher whose class I had never taken. I was so intimidated when i realized he was subbing that day, but as soon as his music started, I relaxed. His instruction is superb and his encouragement and adjustments, wonderful. I will always remember that first class with him and an all Pink Floyd playlist. It was perfect and I continue to practice with him now whenever I can!" - Barbara G.

"You are a passionate creative inspiring teacher. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm!" - Lani G.

"Andrew encourages all of his students. He offers options for all levels from beginner to expert. I look forward to his classes." - Mindy K.

I love the energy that you bring to class. Somehow I leave feeling energized and relaxed at the same time. You make class fun, and yet it is more of a workout than I ever imagined that yoga could be. Bottom're an awesome teacher!!! -Pam S.

Andrew is an inspirational teacher, and he has so much to offer his students! His classes are fun and energetic, with just the right touch of yoga spiritual philosophy. He teaches to all levels, allowing students to explore the poses without pressure to go too far or too fast. He's positive and loving - and one of the warmest, kindest teachers I've practiced with. When I take any class from Andrew, I leave feeling tired but rejuvenated...both physically and emotionally. By far, he's one of my favorite teachers! - Tina G.

I was stuck in a yoga rut and Andrew helped to kick-start my passion for yoga again. His classes are always interesting and different. Andrew offers variations to suit yogis at all levels, encouraging an adventurous but compassionate take on the practice. You'll leave his class feeling great, with a smile on your face! - Krista K.

I love taking your yoga classes. You are a great instructor! You provide detailed instructions for each pose as well as give a few different options ranging in difficulty, which has helped me grow. Also, each class is different than the one before, which keep things interesting and challenging. - Monica W.

I love Andrew's classes. Being a yoga teacher seems to be his dharma: Lions stalk their prey, Birds fly and build nests, the sun rises and sets, and Andrew teaches the **** out of yoga! - Beth R.

Even prior to becoming a teacher Andrew inspired me – he got me to do my first headstand without using a wall. Since getting his certification, I have been lucky enough to practice with him and now to have him as an instructor in my studio. Andrew has a unique ability to make you overcome mental blocks to accomplish a goal. Whether it is handstand in the middle of the room or moving from crow to chatarunga – he instructs and supports you to get wherever you want to go. And he has a wicked sense of humor that make his challenging classes fun as well.- Page W.

Andrew is a great spirit and a wonderful yoga teacher. His incredible knowledge of yoga and warm personality provides a nurturing environment where I am truly inspired to really challenge myself and just be in the moment. His energy is infectious and his classes are so fun! You never know what you'll be doing in his class, as he is constantly bringing new ways to approach asanas and unique, innovative sequences to the mat. He's the best! -Brooke C.

Andrew's class is perfect for all levels. Even when I fall on my face I feel like I've accomplished something. As long as you come with an open mind and are willing to give something a try I guarantee you will be rewarded. My practice has improved dramatically since I've been taking his class. Andrew's class is a party. When I miss a class I know I've missed something great; never a dull moment; part yoga class, part circus show. I absolutely love it. My favorite. You've gotta try it. Andrew's class is worth rearranging your schedule for. -Caryn W.

I've never been in a yoga class like Andrew's before. It's exciting, unpredictable, challenging, fun, there's camaraderie, attempts to float, inane and insightful comments, and best of all: each class is like a mini-workshop. I schedule my activities around his class! - Alice M-E.

Grounding, uplifting, sublime, and's rare to find a yoga class that combines all of these qualities. Taking a class with Andrew contains all of these and more. His teaching creates space where you can move, explore your own boundaries, be in the moment, and play. Unbeatable! - Lisa H.

With patience and good humor, Andrew guided me through my first time practicing yoga, and I will always remember it. This was long before he received any teacher training. Andrew simply has a teacher's soul. - Justin S.

Andrew, I can't tell you how much I enjoy our private sessions. Your personality and energy are motivating and your instruction is patient and challenging - you're the best! - Mike O.

Andrew is a very energetic instructor who sets up challenging classes to people of all levels, and provides new approaches to poses that can enable people to experience a breakthrough in their practice. - Danita B.

Andrew is an enthusiastic and creative yoga instructor. He teaches with integrity and balance. Andrew allows you to challenge yourself or take a more gentle approach depending on one's own individual needs using a unique variety of poses and sequencing. - Amy S.

Andrew has a really positive attitude that makes it easy to do your
best in his classes. He gives a lot of personal attention to students
to make sure we are getting what we need. His creative flow sequences
keep things interesting week after week. - Anne B.

When Andrew is teaching yoga, he radiates joy like a hot stove radiates heat. When you are in his class, and you hear him speak, you feel a hot blast of joy lift you off your feet. Thats how Andrew's extravagant, ridiculous energy works. There is nobody else in the world like Andrew. Nobody so dazzled by his own dazzlingness, and nobody so unabashed about it; nobody more grateful for the mysterious gifts of his being, nobody more thrilled to share them; all of which makes the whole thing more dazzling, until the dazzle index is off the charts, and the whole room is ablaze with Andrew's intergalactic energy, you included. Now, your practice is soaring. You are high on Andrew, just like he is, and you are flying. It's awesomely fun. - Zoe K.

Andrew brings a sense of humor and playfulness to his classes. The physical asana practice aside, which is always amazing, it's his warmth and humor that makes you return. - Susan F.

When you walk into a studio for the first time or meeting a new teacher, there is always an air of confusion on what to expect. For this reason, there really is no other teacher in our area quite like Andrew. He teaches to your abilities, always. If you are a first time practitioner Andrew makes you feel warm and inviting. If you are long time yogi, he gives you endless options to make your mind, body and spirit feel fulfilled. His knowledge of the yoga practice coupled with an end goal in mind, constantly keeps you thinking and believing in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. Best of all, like myself and being a long time practitioner, Andrew has a thirst for improving himself not just as a teacher but as a yogi and a person. He also translates that thought into me, the student, my practice and my overall sense of self. Andrew cares most about the journey and not just the end game, for that I am a regular wherever he may be. - Bob B.

Andrew's teaching style resonates with me on so many levels. He is able to explain poses I have been doing for years in an innovative and comprehensive manner which allows me to experience the posture as though I never have before. I love his enthusiasm, comfort and light heartedness in the studio. It is a pleasant reminder not to take yourself too seriously while he is still able to challenge your body, heart and soul to new levels. - Sarah L.

My introduction to yoga was in Andrew's class opening some amazing doors for me. He has encouraged me to make so many positive changes in my life, not only through yoga, but just by being the knowledgeable, honest, patient, energetic and caring person that he is. I have the pleasure of knowing Andrew on a deeper and more personal level and am truly inspired by the transitions he's made in his life and am blessed to have him as a part of mine. The role of yoga instructor certainly suits him. Not only has he given 110% of himself to the yoga practice but he's a true walking testament for what you can achieve through yoga and other holistic lifestyle choices. I see how much the yoga community loves Andrew and I can certainly understand why...because he rocks and I <3 him too! - Kristy M.

Andrew's classes are challenging, fun and creative. You leave feeling strong and inspired physically, mentally and emotionally. What I like best about Andrew's classes though, is his raw honesty, openness and equanimity of his life journey that he shares with the class. This transpires into you, as a student, to do the same for yourself.- Kendra C.

Andrew brings his passion and energy to the mat with every practice and loves the opportunity for others to share and experience that passion in their own practice. His classes support and encourage those new to yoga and at the same time offer challenges to those wanting to go further. He never ceases to make each class a unique experience, where even if you had to drag yourself to get there, you leave completely glad you came. - Brad A.


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