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As is the case with serendipity and the workings of the Universe, I did not find the practice of yoga. The practice of yoga found me.

All of my life, I've always felt that there is something deeper; something that goes far below the surface of the superficial that we experience in our daily lives. There's always been this thought in my head that there must be more to life than the humdrum of static routine to which society so often subjects us.

Ironically, as my life continued, I created every obstacle possible to insure that the practice of yoga did not find me. Throughout my 20's, I struggled with weight and self-esteem issues. I thought the only way to feel good about myself was to beat the living heck out of my body at the gym, and to do gargantuan amounts of cardio until I couldn't stand up anymore. I think the society we live in perpetuates this idea of "no pain, no gain". I don't mind giving 110% effort, but feeling weighted down, achy, and in constant pain was always the end result. For so much of my life, this is how I felt, and I thought this was normal. This lifestyle, and this way of feeling seems kind of antithetical to benefiting from the fruits of our labors. Why couldn't the expression be "no hard work, no gain"?

When I turned 30, I finally came to the realization that I was incredibly unhappy, both with my physical form, and with the idea that pain is the only way to excel. To top it all off, I felt so much emptiness inside. It was this feeling of, "Is this all there is? Am I meant to be a prisoner in my own body?" It was then that the Universe called to me and told me to find a yoga class. Since stepping onto the mat, there have been so many evolutions and epiphanies, and they are still happening. One of the biggest of these was the realization that the practice of yoga extends so far beyond "stretching", or "twisting yourself into a pretzel". The true Practice is about connection with oneself through compassion and respect, and the understanding that the gift of the true Self is the greatest offering one can provide to the Universe.

For years, I have been a student of yoga. The role of the student is a profound one. It wasn't until I found true love for this role that I discovered that I have additional knowledge to provide as a teacher. I completed my teacher training through Blue Sun Yoga. I have run the gamut as far as teachers whose classes I have taken and from whom I have received the benefit of their knowledge. Among them are teachers such as Mac McHugh, Bryan Kest, Dharma Mittra, Wade Morrissette, Kathryn Budig, David Swenson, Lourdes Paredes, Shiva Rea, Noah Maze and Desiree Rumbaugh.

My teacher training, and the shared knowledge of some amazing teachers for whom I am eternally grateful, helped facilitate my understanding that I am here to serve my students. My job, as a teacher of this amazing discipline, is to help all students of yoga realize their potential, along with their capacity for greatness; it is to help students not only learn to accept, but to be content with where they are today, with the understanding where we are in this moment is exactly where we should be. This practice can show you that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible.

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Balance Your Fire

"The only thing that limits us is our perception that we are limited"