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Welcome to Balance Fire Yoga. By visiting this website, you have already increased the possibilities of your potential.

If you are looking to start a yoga practice, or get deeper into the one you already have, then you've come to the right place.

The name "Balance Fire" is intended to combine the idea of finding your center of balance and accessing your inner fire.

Finding balance means finding consistency and realizing that there is ALWAYS a choice on how to handle every situation. It's the difference between being proactive or reactive. Being able to truly live your life, and enjoy it to the fullest, is being able to live in the present moment.

Often, it's easy to fall into a place of stagnation, once a place of perceived balance has been found. However, the paradox is that for consistent balance, stability comes with the understanding that there is no predictability. Finding center helps to find stability; tapping into your inner fire allows you to embrace the present moment and maintain that stability.

At Balance Fire, we tap into the energy of both stability, balance, and the fire that burns internally. The intention is to help you to live a better, stronger, happier, more fulfilled life where you enjoy every breath and every moment. When you choose to live in this moment, you are freeing yourself of the demons of the past and the worries of the future.

Thank you for coming to this site, and welcome to the realization that this moment, the present moment, is the only one that matters.